Pizza Burgers

Hello Foodie Fans,

Happy Fantastic Friday! Can you believe Labor Day Weekend is here already? Are you ready to say goodbye to summer? It is time to get creative with back to school lunches so, I decided to share one of my favorite school lunches growing up.

In school growing up I often took my lunch because our cafeteria lunches weren’t all that great! I had a few things that were on my favorite list. I loved when we had pizza burger day so, I wanted to create my own version of them. I think Friday is the perfect day for making fun food and these pizza burgers fit fun Friday totally. You can really add and take away ingredients with this recipe to add your own special twist. I hope these pizza burgers are a big hit in your house. Happy Cooking!


1lb ground turkey (Butterball is yummy)

1lb Italian Sausage

1 8oz bag of Mozzarella cheese

1 16oz bag of pepperoni

2 jars of pizza sauce

1 8 bag of hamburger buns

pizza burger


Fry ground turkey and Italian Sausage until brown. Drain the grease from the meat. Add the pizza sauce to cooked turkey and sausage. Open each bun spoon some the meat and sauce mixture on each piece of bread. Top each pizza burger off with pepperoni and cheese. Bake at 350 until cheese is melted. Enjoy!

burger pizza2

Tip: You can also use breakfast sausage to give it a different taste. Get creativity and  add mushrooms, green peppers, onions and more!

Foodie of the Month

Happy Foodie Friday!

It is that time of the month for me to share with my fans a great cook and foodie. I believe in celebrating every cook and for that reason I wanted to do the foodie of the month on my blog. I know there are great cooks all over the world and I want to help share a taste of their cooking style with my fans. I am proud to announce Janet Turner from Indiana as the foodie of the month for July. She is sharing an all-time favorite Macaroni and Cheese. Macaroni & Cheese is a great comfort food. I hope you guys enjoy!


1. I have been cooking since I was 5 years old. So basically all my life!

2. I love to cook because for me, it’s an expression of love.

3. My mom and grandma were 2 of the greatest cooks I know. In fact, my grandma made her living as a cook for several local restaurants and my mom was a first class baker. They both taught me how to cook.

4. My favorite thing to cook would be my family’s version of a traditional Christmas dinner. Glazed ham, chicken & dressing, Mac & cheese, greens, potato salad, fried corn, candied sweet potatoes, a couple of fruit salads, cakes, pies, home made yeast rolls…. I love Christmas!

5. I would have to say, Patti LaBelle is my favorite famous foodie. I have a few of her cook books, and I try to watch any show she is on doing a cooking demo. She makes it look easy.

I am known as THE cook in my family now. My food has been compared to my mom’s cooking style which, for me is the highest compliment! Below is my recipe for Homemade Baked Mac & Cheese. Enjoy!

1 16oz. Box of Elbow macaroni noodles

1/4 cup of milk

3 eggs

1can of cream of mushroom soup

1 16 oz box of Velveeta cheese, chopped into cubes

12 ounces of cheddar cheese

12 ounces of pepper jack cheese

1 1/2 sticks of butter, cubed

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon pepper

Boil macaroni until fork tender, ( approx. 8 minutes) drain .

Chop Velveeta into cubes.

Beat milk, eggs, and cream of mushroom soup together, sit a side. Place cubed cheese and butter in your baking pan, pour macaroni into pan and stir until cheese and butter start to melt. Add salt and pepper.

And milk, eggs, and soup mixture. Stir until blended.

Add the pepper jack cheese and stir until blended.

Add half of the cheddar cheese and blend.

Pour the rest of the cheddar on top and place into oven at 350 degrees.

Bake for 15 minutes, then remove and stir it insure cheese is well blended and melting.
Place back into oven, and bake 25 minutes or until cheese is bubbling and golden brown.


MacCheese JT

Open Faced Mexican Stromboli

When I first tried this recipe I couldn’t imagine how Mexican and Italian could go together. I was wowed by the mixture after taking one bite and have been making them every since. This open faced Mexican Stromboli will be one of your family favorites after you try it. This recipe is super easy and full of flavor.


1 pound ground turkey or beef (I used Butterball Turkey)
¼ cup of sour cream
1 box of Texas Toast (8 count)
1 8oz bag of sharp shredded cheese (I used Kraft)
1 package of mild McCormick taco seasoning
¾ cup of water

1. Brown ground turkey or beef meat in a large skillet on medium heat. Drain fat from meat.
2. Stir in seasoning mix and water
3. Add sour cream
4. Reduce heat and allow meat to simmer
5. Bake Texas Toast according to instructions on the box half way done
6. Pull toast out the oven and turn each piece over
7. Top each piece of toast with ground turkey or beef and top it off with shredded cheese
8. Put the pan back in the oven for 3-5 minutes or until cheese melts
Bonus Tip: This meal is great with Salsa or you can even add pepperoni on top to give it a twist