Red, White, and BBQ (Wine Tasting)

Red, White, and BBQ (Wine Tasting)Happy Wine Wednesday!!

Can you believe we are one week away from the 4th of July? Are you still thinking of a theme for you holiday party?  I am here to save the day!  I was so excited when I had this idea!

Ok, what better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a Wine Tasting Red or White, and a little BBQ. I thought of two different options for this wonderful wine tasting. I believe it will also be fun to vote on the best red and white wine.

  1. You can purchase 2- 3 white wines and 2-3 red wines for your guest to taste and vote on a favorite.
  2. You can send out invitations assigning white wine to a certain number of guest and assigning red wine to a certain number of guest.

Two of my favorite Red Wines:

  1. Liberty Creek (Sweet Red)
  2. Adesso Cagnina di Romagna

Two of my favorite White Wines:

  1. Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti
  2. Barefoot Moscato


I hope you pick this fun filled theme for you Red, White and Blue holiday!!! I look forward to using this theme for years to come!






Hostess Gift Ideas

Happy Magnificent Monday!!

The official kickoff for Summer 2018 is finally here!! Memorial Day Weekend has been the beginning of Summer for years! So many people start it off with back yard bbq’s beach trips and more!

When invited to a cookout or any event it’s always nice to bring the hostess a gift. It’s a small token of appreciation for all of their hard work and thoughtfulness.

I am going to share some ideas for you so, when you are invited to a cookout out this Summer you will be a great guest with your hostess gift!! Cheers to a wonderful Summer!! I hope it’s one to remember!!!

1. Drink Dispenser

2. Nice Glass Pitcher

3. A Bottle if Wine

4. Candle

5. Gift Card for a nice restaurant or grocery store

6. Cookbook

I have shared an example of an idea below!

**Drink Dispenser, Country Time Lemonade, Lemons and Recipe for Lemonade**

Adult Hot Chocolate

Happy Merry Monday!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Can you believe we are 2 weeks away from Christmas? I can’t not believe it myself!

I have the cutest diy gift for you to create. I love personalized gifts and thought this adult Hot chocolate would be perfect for the winter season. It’s so simple and cute!!

I purchase two different mugs and mini candy canes from the dollar tree. I purchase the 10 pack of hot chocolate from the Christmas Tree store, and the miniature alcohol bottle from the ABC store. So this whole gift was under $3.00

This diy gift will be the cutest gift for a family member, friend, or coworker.

Happy Crafting!!


Cookies and Coco


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!! Have you started Christmas shopping? I love starting early so I won’t be out at the last minute.

I know shopping for everyone can be expensive so I think it’s fun to come up with small gifts for people you want to give them something even if it’s small.

I decided to call this easy DIY gift cookies and coco. I purchase the cookies and hot chocolate from Target and the miniature Pinnacle Vodka bottle from a local liquor store. I purchased the Santa hats from Hobby Lobby in a pack of six. I created this cute and simple gift for $3.50.

I hope this cute gift inspires you to get crafty for the holiday season!!! I will be sharing other ideas all month long so make sure you check back and see what I am cooking and creating!!!!

Stuff Santa’s Socks

Happy Fabulous Friday!!

Can you believe we are only 45 days way from Christmas? This year is almost gone!  It is time to start all of your holiday planning for home and work.  It’s time to deck the halls, sip egg nog, and reflect over the wonderful year with family and friends.

I get so excited about this time of the year! It’s the perfect time to be festive and fun!!  I have the cutest secret Santa gift exchange for your office holiday fun.


Send an e-mail to your department or team asking them who would like to play Stuff Santa’s Socks. Put all of the names in a hat or anything to pull names.  Let everyone pull a name.  You will need to determine if you will have a limit and if you want to have separate groups for men and women or one unisex group.  After you get all of that out of the way it’s time to start having fun!!

You purchase a pair of fun Christmas socks your secret co-worker can wear and stuff them with all types of goodies! I had so much fun stuffing these socks last year for a family member’s job!! You can actually play this family, friends, and even church members. See my picture below for an example!!

Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

National DIY Day

Happy Easter Weekend!!


One week from today will be a day for all of the crafty lovers nationwide.  I am so excited to tell you all about the first National DIY Day.  I am partnering with Craft Box Girls to help launch the first DIY Day.  There is a national day for everything you can think of from pound cake day to wine day.  So, the team at Craft Box Girls decided to day a national day for all of the craft lovers.

The mission of National DIY Day is to create a movement that brings people of all ages, races, and demographics together to inspire one another and encourage through hand crafting.

Making things and crafting can be so much fun and help you express your style!  Happiness is Homemade!!

I will be helping host the event here in Birmingham, AL on April 02, 2016 at Neighborhood Barre 1pm-4pm.  This family friendly event is free and is for all ages.  I hope you join us for this wonderful event!!  Happy Crafting!




Fall Place Cards



I hope you all had a Marvelous Monday!  I wanted to share some cute place cards during my Blog Like Crazy Challenge this month.

Whether you are having a small dinner party or large celebration, It’s always a good idea to plan ahead with your menu and décor.  Choose a color palette first and build everything else from your color palette. I just love beautiful table escapes and the place cards add the final touch to your table.

Today I am sharing apple place cards.  Nothing says fall like apples.  I decided to show you two ideas of how you can add your guest name.

  1. Use a leaf template small or big. If you use a small template you can tie it around the apple stem. I used a big template and put it under the apple.
  2. On one leaf template I added a guest name.  On the other leaf template I added I am thankful for you because and left a space for you to write why you are thankful for that guest.

The key is to be festive but simple! Happy Fall Y’all!!





Easy Fall Centerpiece

Hello November!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is just 25 days away?  Are you having a Thanksgiving dinner?  I am going to help bring the domestic diva out in you with my simple entertaining ideas for the month of November.  I am sharing a simple DIY fall centerpiece today. Happy Fall Y’all!!


What you need:


1 large martini glass

1 bag of fall autumn mix candy

1 roll of ribbon or tulle




Pour the autumn mix candy in the large martini glass and tie your ribbon or tulle around the glass.  So cute and simple!


You can give the candy away at the end of your dinner as a favor or treat for your guest.


Cute DIY Cups

Happy Spooktacular Saturday!!!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything since September 28, 2015. Let’s see where do I start? I was super busy preparing for the 31st annual Southern Women’s Show and celebrating my Birthday. I was ready to get back in my blogging world and had to put my computer in the shop. (sad face) I still don’t have it back but, I had to figure out a Plan B.

I can’t believe Halloween is next Saturday!  The time is just flying by and it will be Christmas before you know it.  Are you having a Halloween Party? I just get so excited about each holiday and the different things you can do for entertaining.  I have the perfect idea for your beverage station.  I bought some plain cups from Target and added Halloween stickers to them.  You can use this idea for any holiday or event.  If you have a Halloween party next week I hope you try this cute and simple idea!!

Have a great weekend!!