Hostess Gift Ideas

Happy Magnificent Monday!!

The official kickoff for Summer 2018 is finally here!! Memorial Day Weekend has been the beginning of Summer for years! So many people start it off with back yard bbq’s beach trips and more!

When invited to a cookout or any event it’s always nice to bring the hostess a gift. It’s a small token of appreciation for all of their hard work and thoughtfulness.

I am going to share some ideas for you so, when you are invited to a cookout out this Summer you will be a great guest with your hostess gift!! Cheers to a wonderful Summer!! I hope it’s one to remember!!!

1. Drink Dispenser

2. Nice Glass Pitcher

3. A Bottle if Wine

4. Candle

5. Gift Card for a nice restaurant or grocery store

6. Cookbook

I have shared an example of an idea below!

**Drink Dispenser, Country Time Lemonade, Lemons and Recipe for Lemonade**

Easy Banana Pudding

Happy Marvelous Monday!

We are just days away from Memorial Weekend and I am excited about the summer season!! Summer is always so much fun from all the bbq’s, picnics and even just grilling and chilling out at home!! I think no bake desserts are just perfect for the summer! Dessert always adds the finishing touch to your meal and the no bake desserts help you stay cool by not turning on the oven.My easy banana pudding is delicious and you don’t even have to turn on the oven!! This will be the perfect dessert for any potluck or Summer celebration!!!


1large box of Vanilla Pudding

2 cups of milk

2 cans of condensed milk

1 8oz cool whip

1 box of Vanilla Wafers

2 bananas

Instructions Mix Pudding and Milk together well. Next add Cool Whip, Condensed milk. Layer Cookies, Pudding mix, and then bananas. Repeating until Pudding mixture, Cookies and bananas are gone.